Le Cong Kieu Street: the street of antique shops

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Le Cong Kieu Street: the street of antique shops

In this quiet street, there are rows of narrow shops full of treasures. A real find, among many others, for an authentic, timeless stroll.

The small shops of Le Cong Kieu Street are full of treasures, bric-a-brac of all kinds, decorative objects, and furniture of Asian or colonial style. Formerly ‘rue de Reims', this quiet street, long known for being the ‘street of antique shops', is still a paradise for bargain hunters.

The stalls, stretching lengthwise and open to the street, are overwhelmed with inlaid mother of pearl chessboards, bronze Art Deco lamps, old radios, lacquerware, porcelain, and ceramics. In front of the stalls, the inhabitants of these old houses play checkers unabated. Time is suspended in this street, which seems as peaceful as it was a century ago. With its unique setting, historically rich objects, and characters from another time, you'll have plenty of unforgettable memories to bring back from your trip.

Le Cong Kieu Street
District 1
70000 Ho Chi Minh-Ville