Au pt'y Lyonnais, where fresh food and a personal touch come together

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Au pt'y Lyonnais, where fresh food and a personal touch come together

With Au pt'y Lyonnais, Brest adds a new place to its roster, where you can enjoy healthy food while opening up to the world.

Located in Brest's city centre, Au pt'y Lyonnais welcomes you to a farm-to-fork, organic culinary universe, fostering awareness and humanistic commitment. It stems from the improbable marriage of a restaurant owner campaigning for human rights and a chef of Syrian origin comes a restaurant looking to support the creation of social fabric. Patrons are thus invited to chat with the staff and share their experiences and culture.
Dishes will take you to the Lyon region, with calf's head, fried breaded tripe and pike dumplings, Brittany with the famous kig ha farz – stew typically cooked in the Finistère region – or to Lebanon, via mezze dishes of hummus, moutabal and falafels, evidently all homemade. That is, unless you fall for the beef stew in spices. For dessert, punnets of strawberries from local gardens await you! Outside of the weekend, the restaurant only serves lunch, but do not hesitate to come by and try a small coffee while flipping through one of the books in the library. The establishment is actually planning to soon organise book signings with local authors. "Gatherings" and "journeys" are key words at Au pt'y Lyonnais!

Au pt'y Lyonnais
44 rue de Lyon
29200 Brest

+33 (0)9 83 45 42 16

Menu: from 20 EUR