Lima, seen through its beaches

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Lima, seen through its beaches

A thought on the architectural and social evolution of the Peruvian capital seen through the eyes of five photographers.

This exhibition is an event in Lima because, for the first time, one can follow the evolution of the city through the prism of photography. Coincidentally, five photographers, Mariella Agois, Fernando La Rosa, Mariel Vidal, Jaime Rázuri and Juan Enrique Bedoya each focused their cameras on the beaches of Lima. Without having spoken of their projects to each other, for several years, at different times, they set down their cameras on the sands of the Peruvian capital. Each photographer's eyes and sensitivity are seen through their photographs in black and white, and colour, which provide their sociological and artistic vision of the transformation of the country.

Las Playas de Lima
Museum of Art of Lima
Paseo Colón 125
Parque de la Exposición

From 4 February to 10 July 2016

30 PEN