Madajazzcar: swinging on the Big Island

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Madajazzcar: swinging on the Big Island

Every year, the Madajazzcar Festival kicks off on the first Saturday of October and ends one week later at the open-air theatre of Antsahamanitra in Antananarivo.

At the Alliance Française, three young doctors created a jazz club in October 1988 with the ambition to bring Madagascar ‘swing' up to date. First entitled ‘Jazz in Tana' then ‘Jazz in Mada', the festival has built its reputation both nationally and internationally with the current name of ‘Madajazzcar', taken from a composition by jazz pianist Arly Rajaobelina and from the title of a record with compositions by the clarinettist Arnaud Razafy.

Apart from two or three paid concerts (from 2,000 MGA to 5,000 MGA), most of the Madajazzcar concerts are free and can be enjoyed outdoors or in dedicated venues and clubs. During this particularly intense musical week, the whole island reverberates to jazzy rhythms. From Anosy to Soarano, passing through Analakely and Tanjombato, the events vibrate with energy. Of course, the Alliance Française outposts of Antsirabe and Antananarivo, where it all began, will be jazzed up as well.

Madajazzcar Festival
Théâtre de Verdure Antsahamanitra
Antananarivo 101

From 1 to 8 October


Concerts start at 2:00 p.m.