Maggio Dei Monumenti

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Maggio Dei Monumenti

The merry month of May is when culture in Naples is at its richest.

Throughout the month of May, the historic centre of Naples bubbles with Maggio Dei Monumenti, a series of eclectic cultural events. This 22nd edition will be dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the birth of Charles III. Charles of Bourbon ruled Naples in the mid-18th century and built, among other buildings, his Versailles, the royal residence of Caserta. History will remember that he gave impetus to a revival of the Neapolitan nation and was behind many beneficial reforms, such as the establishment of a Council for Trade. He also commissioned many buildings besides his own residence, such as the Royal Palace of Naples, Portici Palace, San Carol theatre, the military fort of Granatello, and the Palace of Capodimonte. Maggio Dei Monumenti 2016 combines guided tours, special access to amazing places, conferences, concerts, exhibitions and other heritage celebrations, and is always particularly nice to participate in.

Throughout the city

From the 29th of April to the 29th of May 2016

25 EUR