Mahler's Symphony No. 6

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Mahler's Symphony No. 6

A symphonic tragedy representing the desperate struggle of man facing death.

In Essen in 1906, under the baton of Mahler, himself, his sixth symphony was created. The desperate tone of this masterpiece earned him his “tragic” nickname, though the term was never officially used by the composer. Among all of Mahler's symphonies, the sixth is the only one not to end on an optimistic note, rather keeping its grievous theme through the very end.

Nonetheless, it was regarded as a major work by composers from the Second Viennese School, such as Alban Berg and Anton Webern who were conquered by both Mahler's bold writing and implacable character. Given its unique representation, the Shanghai Symphony hall was chosen to host this event. For the occasion, Mahler's masterpiece will be played by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra under the direction of maestro Christoph Eschenbach.

Shanghai Symphony Hall
1380 Middle Fuxing Road

26 June

– Category 1 (full price): 580 YUAN
– Category 2 (full price): 380 YUAN
– Category 3 (full price): 280 YUAN

8.00 pm