Maître Gims Concert in Martinique

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Maître Gims Concert in Martinique

The chart-busting Congolese-born, French-raised rapper and singer has taken his adopted country by storm. Here's a great chance — an outdoor concert — to hear why.

In February 2016, Maître Gims won Best Original Song at the  Victoire de la Musique, the annual French music award ceremony, for Sapés comme jamais (Undermined as ever). The hit song honours the Zairean rumba of Papa Wemba, with whom the Maître Gim's father, vocalist Djuna Djanana, has performed for decades. The song's warm tones and Latin Carribean feel represents a departure from the harder-edged rap of his French group, Sexion d'Assaut, and explains the success of his first solo album, Subliminal. Suffice to say that Maître Gims, who is topping the charts in France, is eagerly awaited by his loyal fans in Martinique. The atmosphere for this outdoor concert will be full-on party, like no other stop on his world tour.

Maître Gims
Stade Georges-Gratiant
97232 Lamentin

30 March 2016

45 EUR

7 p.m.