Marso & Co, a plateful of sunshine

Marso & Co, a plateful of sunshine

Following Tomy & Co and Hugo & Co, Marso & Co is Michelin starred chef Tomy Gousset's next adventure: a colourful journey along the shores of the Mediterranean.

That makes three for Tomy Gousset! There's no stopping the Franco-Cambodian chef, awarded a Michelin Star in 2019 for Tomy & Co. Situated in Paris' thirteenth arrondissement, Gousset's cosmopolitan restaurant Marso & Co mixes French gastronomy and Mediterranean influence into a hearty cuisine that balances tradition and experimental fusion. The decor, styled by architect Richard Lafond - also behind Gousset's first two restaurants - creates a relaxed, natural space, perfect for savouring the harmonious flavours of gastronomic cuisine, revisited with panache. Among other melodious combinations, count on the crunchy octopus on a bed of citrus, the eau de vie-flambéed chorizo skewers, and for a sublime dessert, opt for the pastels de nata, which are served with a delicious chocolate ganache. The 2,000-bottle wine cellar and doting waitstaff are the finishing touches on a faultless experience. Marso & Co is the ideal choice for discovering Michelin-starred chef cuisine - without breaking the bank.

Marso & Co
16 rue Vulpian
75013 Paris

+33 (0)1 45 87 37 00

Menu: from 38 EUR