Merci: a hedonistic nail bar for a gourmet break

Merci: a hedonistic nail bar for a gourmet break

Merci is an amazing place in Ho Chi Min City where hedonism is pushed to its climax.

This contemporary bistro with a geometric tiled floor, wooden tables, and white marble bar, has hidden charms. Though the menu displays specialty cocktails, there is an array of tempting sweets, dishes to share or not, among other enticing suggestions. For dessert, homemade specialties are as surprising as they are welcome.

After tasting the spring rolls, grilled pineapple with shrimp sauce, tofu, and fresh salads with baby spinach, beets, and sunflower seeds, end the meal in style with a final indulgence, by offering yourself a manicure or a good massage. Upstairs, the tables have been replaced by a cosy lounge conducive to leisurely body palpation. Merci, where you can also enjoy a manicure or a beauty care, is a true moment of wellness in this whirling city.

Merci Nail & Coffee
17/6 Lê Thanh Ton
District 1
70000 Ho Chi Minh-Ville

+84 (0)8 38 25 87 99

Menu: around 200,000 VND