Mezze bazaar at Neni

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Mezze bazaar at Neni

Neni's concept has taken Europe by storm and finally sets up home in Paris, on the first floor of the 25hours Hotel near Gare du Nord.

Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienne, Tel Aviv, Zurich, Majorque… Wherever the Molcho family decides to lay the table, they have a full house in no time. It is Paris' turn to welcome Israeli Haya and her four sons, whose initials make the restaurant's name, Neni. As if a family dining room had been transposed to the heart of the 10th arrondissement, with colourful paintings scattered here and there, a bottle green velvet sofa and kitsch-looking rugs to adorn the place. Even though Haya offers a few dishes like the sabich, a fried eggplant Tel-Aviv speciality, the concept is to share mezze in a spirit of balagan, Hebrew term for “sympathetic chaos”. With a multitude of small plates of Persian, Russian, Arab and French inspirations and an army of hands battling to dip pita bread in the must-try babaganoush (eggplant caviar topped with pomegranate), it definitely is a joyful and convivial place!

12, boulevard de Denain
75010 Paris

+33 (0)1 42 80 20 00

Menu: around 30 EUR