Michel Polnareff on tour in Nice

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Michel Polnareff on tour in Nice

French artist Michel Polnareff started his new European tour in Epernay, the capital of champagne. Accompanied by a band of American musicians, concerts are planned in Belgium, Switzerland and France.

L'Homme en rouge is the hit single taken from his new album. If this “man in red” does not exist in real life, he will for you. Polnareff keeps a special relationship with his audience, his “ship's boys” as he calls them, using social networks.

The famous white-sunglasses-wearing singer-songwriter will first and foremost offer you his memories, in a very tight and well-polished show he has been playing since late April. His dream team American band is comprised of John Philip Shenale on keyboards, Curt “Kirkee B” Bisquera on drums, Reggie McBride on bass, Peter Thorn on guitar, and Kenna Ramsey and Danielle Withers on backing vocals.

No more cancelled shows! Polnareff is touring all over France, Switzerland and Belgium until December.

His setlist showcases many French standards, right till the end-of-the-show glitter of On ira tous au paradis.

Concert de Michel Polnareff
Palais Nikaia
163, Boulevard du Mercantour
06000 Nice

8 November 2016


From 50 to 110 EUR

8:30 p.m.