Monts d'Arrée: for glorious nature walks

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Monts d'Arrée: for glorious nature walks

Outdoor enthusiasts, lace up your hiking boots for a walking trip in fascinating Monts d'Arrée—unless you prefer to do it on horseback or mountain bike.

You have to leave the coast to reach Monts d'Arrée, which is deep in the heart of Brittany's mysterious pays breizh countryside. This is a place of legend: hilly and mountainous landscapes of peaks, rocks, heather, and gorse, and absolute silence, with no trace of human presence other than the few steeples rising from the countryside, some small chapels, and isolated parish enclosures.

Hiking is the best way to reach the top of the Roc'h Ruz, the highest peak of the massif in the Parc Naturel Régional d'Armorique, which cleaves Finistère in two. The GR 380 takes you on a loop, past panoramas that border on the surreal. But this piece of preserved Brittany also lends itself well to horseback riding or mountain biking. In any case, the change of scenery and athletic thrills are guaranteed!

Monts d'Arrée
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