Moroccan culture

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Moroccan culture

Now a major contemporary artist, Abdellah Dibaji is exhibiting at the Villa des Arts.

Perhaps you are unaware of this, but Rabat is full of galleries. Here, as in Casablanca, the Villa des Arts is dedicated to the discovery and promotion of contemporary works that are linked to Moroccan heritage and culture. Thus, in Rabat, within the framework of the exhibition ‘Traits et Retraits' (a play on words that might be translated as ‘Drawing and Withdrawing') you can meander about amid Abdellah Dibaji's paintings. Though the Moroccan artist's work is abstract, it is never conceptual and is always full of humanity. An urban artist, Dibaji roams throughout the city, seizing its movements and its rumours, sketching its doors, windows, streets, and passers-by. He represents them at times with vibrant touches, at other times with gentle strokes. His painting is animated, it moves, it's alive… just like Rabat.

« Traits et retraits »
Villa des Arts
10, rue Beni Mellal

From 2 March to 30 April 2016

Free entrance