MoSuke, world class cuisine that takes you to France, Africa and Japan

MoSuke, world class cuisine that takes you to France, Africa and Japan

The MoSuke restaurant, near the Montparnasse Tower, is pushing gastronomic boundaries and championing African cuisine.

Legend tells of Yasuke, an African slave who lived in 16th-century Japan and became a Samurai. When French chef Mory Sacko, who is of Malian origin, came to name his first restaurant, he paid tribute to this popular figure uniting Africa and Japan, two places Sacko is passionate about, by fusing Yasuke's name with his own, to make MoSuke. The young chef, who honed his craft at the Mandarin Oriental under Thierry Marx - himself a great lover of the Japanese archipelago - has placed his menu at the crossroads of French, African and Japanese gastronomy, and come up with a variety of inventive dishes. Even without crossing the Michelin-starred restaurant's threshold, passers-by can admire the kitchen staff working their magic from the street, through the large window.
There is a parade of plates bearing sole cooked in a banana leaf and accompanied by lovage purée and attiéké (cassava semolina), yassa chicken revisited in a Japanese style tempura batter, or half a blue lobster, caught in Brittany and flame-grilled, accompanied by a lacto-fermented vegetarian chilli- based condiment and a tomato miso.
Mory Sacko's spirit animal, the heron - one of the only animals found in France, Africa and Japan - has provided the inspiration for his culinary journeys. With set menus entitled “Nesting”, “Hibernation”, “Migration” and “Night Flight”, featuring three, four, five or seven dishes, some with a vegetarian version, you may just forget which side of the world you are on.

11 rue Raymond Losserand
75014 Paris

+33 (0)1 43 20 21 39

Prices: set menu from 45 EUR