Murakami and Illustrators at Chihiro Art Museum

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Murakami and Illustrators at Chihiro Art Museum

Text and images are deeply interwoven in Murakami's work. This exhibition sheds a new light on this very singular artist.

Haruki Murakami needs no further introduction. The multifaceted artist garnered worldwide acclaim for his fiction books, somewhat between crime stories, surrealism and poetry. He is now considered a giant of Japanese literature.

The eclectic and Zen Chihiro Art Museum presents an original exhibition that sheds a light on the work of the illustrators he has worked with, especially Maki Sasaki, Ayumi Oohashi, Makoto Wada and Mizumaru Anzai. From one best-seller cover to the next, with sections devoted to graphic design and artworks inspired by illustrated books, the dialectic between text and image takes on a whole new meaning.

An invitation to rediscover the surprising and unique work of the man behind Kafka on the Shore.

Haruki Murakami and Illustrators
Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo
4-7-2 Shimoshakujii, Nerima,
Tokyo 177-0042

From 25 May to 07 August 2016

800 JPY

Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.