Nothing but art at the Marrakech Biennale

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Nothing but art at the Marrakech Biennale

The Marrakech Biennale gathers art lovers and enthusiasts every two years, and offers debates, events and exhibitions.

Marrakech Biennale President Executive Amine Kabbaj defined contemporary art as a ‘cultural embrace, a bridge between borders that brings souls together and marries diverging and converging points of view, to upset the world order and give it back with panache, impertinence and timelessness'.

Since 2004, the Biennale has drawn inspiration from international cultural influences to turn Marrakesh into a contemporary art hub in Africa, the Middle-East and the Mediterranean region. For the visitors' greatest delight, the festival programs shows, debates and meetings with artists, as the audience grows bigger with each passing edition. In that dynamic, the Marrakech Biennale partnered in 2016 with the International Artistic Encounters in Public Spaces Awaln'Art project.

You'll have to be patient for a little while longer, as the Red City will soon unveil the 2018 program in order to offer the best in art, the most diverse in culture representations and a heritage beyond compare.

Marrakech Biennale
61, rue Yougoslavie
Passage Ghandouri
40000 Marrakech

February to May 2018