Océanopolis: a unique marine centre in Europe

Océanopolis: a unique marine centre in Europe

Close to the Atlantic, Océanopolis provides an introduction to 1,000 marine species from around the world. More than an aquarium, this is one of the iconic sights of Brest.

The giant Océanopolis marine centre in Brest, near the Moulin Blanc marina, is the only one of its kind in Europe. Opened in 1990, it remains one of the most visited attractions in Brittany. With its 77 aquariums and pools, three pavilions (tropical, temperate, and polar) and about a thousand various species, it offers visitors a fascinating plunge into the maritime world.

The display designs are playful and innovative, interweaving both science and spectacle in the space's 9,000 square metres. The array of marine life-seals, sharks, rays, groupers, neon tetra, and deep-sea shrimp, to name a few examples-attracts young and old alike. Don't miss the polar bear habitat, the sea elephant model, the panoramic movie 49° South: Southern Nature, the impressive coral reef, or the pedagogical marine laboratory. A must visit, just a few steps from the ocean, which will open your eyes to the mysteries of the deep.

Port de Plaisance du Moulin Blanc
29200 Brest

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