Overtown Music and Arts Festival

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Overtown Music and Arts Festival

Live music, international DJs, and hipsters in a sophisticated decor north of downtown.

The neighbourhood of Overtown is sometimes called  ‘Little Broadway' and, though by no means well to do, it is tremendously dynamic and energetic. Since 2011, the Overtown Music and Arts Festival has greatly contributed to the festive reputation of this colourful district.

Completely free of charge, this highly anticipated event offers numerous shows on its main stage, but also in many other venues in the district, with rock, dance, and jazz bands, and live DJ performances for thousands of spectators. Between concerts, you can stroll through the lively streets, sample Asian or South American cuisine, and buy handmade clothing, jewellery, and much more. For over six years, many artists have graced the stage of the festival, to the delight of eager and enthusiastic audience members, who come from all over Florida.

23 July 2016



11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.