Pacific pearls

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Pacific pearls

The 13th Tahiti Pearl Regatta honours the Leeward Islands: it starts from Raiatea, the sacred island, rallies on to Bora Bora, and carries through to Taha'a, the vanilla island.

Sailboats, monohulls and multihulls, local and international crews—altogether about 300 participants compete in this international race emblematic of French Polynesia. It is also the largest regatta in the insular Pacific. The ‘TPR' ranges its stages between high seas and lagoons. But beyond the undeniable sporting challenge, it offers festive events after the races and cosy evenings to showcase Polynesian culture and discover the beautiful islands of the archipelago of the Society Islands.

Raiatea-Taha'a-Bora Bora

From 2nd to 7th of May 2016