Private tasting in the vines of Château de Bellet

Private tasting in the vines of Château de Bellet

Between sea and mountains more than 200m above sea level, the Chateau de Bellet has been overlooking the Var Valley for the past four centuries

A visit to Bellet is a total immersion in the hinterland of Nice and the dry, ochre landscapes that Matisse made famous in his paintings. Your hostess takes you through a path surrounded by rolling hillsides under the cover of pine forests. After this walk, which is the preamble to the visit, you come to a neo-Gothic chapel, erected on a hill like an arrow pointing towards the sky. It is in the chapel's equipped cellar that you will be invited to a bespoke private tasting.

Some of the wines that will be offered are featured in the most prestigious restaurants around the world. The colourful names of Braquet, Folle Noire and Rolle are ancient cépages, or varietals, named after the highwaymen who once tormented this land which the Bellet family replanted after World War II.

Following the tasting, the sunny terraces invite meditation, or a nap! The alpine air currents often breeze behind your back to keep you cool. Note that the Château recently took a turn towards organic farming.

Le Château de Bellet
482 route de Saquier
Colline de Bellet
06200 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 37 81 57

Menu: around 20 EUR