Racing Madagascar

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Racing Madagascar

This annual event has three components: a trail race of 150 kilometres, a journey through the most beautiful sites on the island and a philosophy of sharing.

For six days, discover the north of the ‘Big Island' in a new way and explore its magnificent landscapes! This 150 kilometres trail race, focused on both endurance and speed, is aimed at a sporting public eager to reconcile tourism with socially and ethically responsible behaviour.

Professionally organized (medical assistance, re-fuelling stations, luggage transport from one camp to another), Racing Madagascar also offers to include the rest of the family or friends to accompany runners and share the experience throughout the race.

For six days, you can dedicate yourself to the race in the heart of the country passing by the most beautiful sites of the north: Sakalava Bay, the sacred lake of Anivorano, Beamalona Waterfall, ​​the Montagne des Français, in a socially responsible project which combines sustainable development, local populations as well as the Handisport Federation of Diégo-Suarez. An adventure not to be missed!

Racing Madagascar 2018
Boogie Events Agency
Trio Property building
Tana Waterfront
Antananarivo 101
9 to 14 July 2018

Race entry fee: 1,500 MGA
Free for spectators and companions