Raise your camera!

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Raise your camera!

Documentary films provide an engaged look that reflects on the state of the world. Come to take the pulse of the globe through Cuba's eyes.

This festival is dedicated to the great documentary filmmaker Santiago Álvarez. This year, Peru is the honoured country. Given the quality of Peru's cinema, the debate around this film discipline can be pushed ever further. What is a documentary for? How do you define it in relation to journalism and to photojournalism? Besides the various screenings, a seminar is dedicated to this subject. The discussions will be just as theoretical as they are real, since it is more and more difficult for these witnesses of our time to do their jobs. All countries can contribute films to the international selection, which is open not only to filmmakers but also to scriptwriters, photographic directors, and sound technicians.

International Documentary Film Festival
Officina Santiago Álvarez
Edifico Icaia
Calle 23, n° 1155
10400 La Habana

From 6 to 11 March 2016