Rich Table: need we say more?

Rich Table: need we say more?

Like many food capitals, San Francisco is under the spell of a new generation of chefs.

Have you noticed that, in many new restaurants, the chefs are often a couple, a formula that seems to work quite well? Evan and Sarah Rich are no exception to this trend; at their eponymously named place they propose a particularly innovative cuisine focusing on flavours and combinations of flavours that are often surprising. One of Evan's specialities-his signature dish-is a plate of sardine chips accompanied by horseradish cream. You have most certainly not seen this elsewhere. Their filet of cod in vin jaune wine, chanterelle mushrooms and apples is remarkable, the foie gras with raisins and spicy peanuts is surprisingly exquisite, and the short ribs, served with a homemade bittersweet barbecue sauce, are very appetizing. All of this works very well, obviously. Would you have thought of it?

Rich Table
199 Gough Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

+1 415 355 9085

Menu: around 60 USD