Rowing in Venice with the Vogalonga

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Rowing in Venice with the Vogalonga

With more than 6,000 rowers and some 1,650 boats, the Vogalonga brings together paddlers of all kinds, from kayaks to dragon boats, in a 30-kilometre race.

The Vogalonga (‘long oar' in Italian) was born 30 years ago as a way for the inhabitants of the lagoon to protest against the motorised traffic that threatens Venice. This ‘race'—finishing order is of no consequence whatsoever—is open to all paddling enthusiasts: from rowers in race shells to dragon boats and gondolas, any type of boat without a motor or a sail will do.

The route passes through Venice and its lagoon, a distance of 30 kilometres, allowing its 6,000 participants to rediscover the city on the waters. Departure is from St. Mark's Square to the sound of cannons. Participants skirt the Vignola, Sant'Erasmo and Burano islands, and then pass along the Murano channel. The return trip to St. Mark's passes through the Grand Canal and under the famous Rialto Bridge. Overall, it's a magical, playful journey in an international atmosphere that is both festive and colourful.

15 May 2016

To participate: 20 EUR per person

Start: 9:00 a.m. from Saint Mark's Basin and the Giudecca Canal