Run camels run!

national sport
Run camels run!

One of a kind, a camel race is an unforgettable moment for visitors to the region.

Imagine camels running off at 40 km/h, one after another, and a host of Emiratis screaming the names of their favourites as they go! It is quite unthinkable to leave Dubai without having seen a genuine camel race, the national sport of the Emirates. These are very serious competitions in the region, as important as the races at Long champ or Ascot.

Be aware that, although we often speak of camels, they are actually dromedaries. Note too that the animals are not ridden by human jockeys, but by little robot jockeys who have, thankfully, replaced the very young children who used to do the job. Races are held every Friday morning at the Dubai Camel Racing Club in the desert, 60 kilometres from the city. Seasons last from October or November through February or March, and the races are run between 7:00 a.m. and early afternoon.

Check with your hotel front desk for more information on programming because there are frequent changes. Admission is free and betting is strictly forbidden.

Dubai Camel Racing Club
Dubai-Al Ain Road
Al Marmoum

+971 (0)4 832 6526