Sail away at Addiction Aquatic Development

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Sail away at Addiction Aquatic Development

The best sushi and seafood in the fish market's unique ambiance.

Taipei's impressive covered fish market is filled with large pools brimming with freshly caught fish that cool the frantic atmosphere down. This is where regulars come to get hold of the best products. Located inside the facility, Addiction Aquatic Development takes you on a surprising journey. In this spot looking like an industrial loft on two levels, you will have a choice of ten different culinary experiences around fish, from the simplest to the most sophisticated… The sushi bar remains one of the best options and you will revel in those melting sashimi that the restaurant is famous for. If you love barbecues, Charcoal Experience is waiting for you, with scallops skewers crackling and fish roasting, their skin crunching with every bite! For a refreshing break, a juice bar is also available, serving papaya granitas and various seasonal fruit cocktails…
Rest assured, Addiction Aquatic Development is quite a suitable name!

Addiction Aquatic Development
N° 18, Alley 2, Lane 410
Minzu East Road
Zhongshan District

+886 2 2508 1268

Menu: about 720 TWD