Saint Paul's Cathedral: a monumental work of art

Saint Paul's Cathedral: a monumental work of art

It is impossible not to succumb to the majesty of this building that has survived bombs and hosted the 'wedding of the century'.  

Masterpiece of the British architect, Christopher Wren, St Paul's Cathedral is at the top of Ludgate Hill, in the heart of The City, the financial district of London and its historic centre. Icon of the capital since its construction was completed in 1710, the classical and baroque cathedral became a symbol of resistance when it escaped the Blitz during the Second World War, when 16 of Wren's other churches were destroyed.

The crypt of St. Paul's Cathedral contains the tombs of many important English personalities such as Admiral Nelson and the Duke of Wellington. The cathedral has been the scene of major events such as the funeral of Winston Churchill in 1965 and the wedding of Lady Diana to Prince Charles in 1981.

St. Paul's is often used in major films to show that the action is happening in London, as in Harry Potter or Mary Poppins. Explore the 150 metres of its nave, climb the 259 steps for a tour of the whispering gallery or, if you are feeling athletic, walk up the 528 steps to the top of its dome to discover a breath-taking panorama.

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