San Francisco: Île-aux-Moines with a view

San Francisco: Île-aux-Moines with a view

This wonderful hotel patio combines a panoramic harbour view with tasty seafood.

Right at the port, on the tip of Toulindac on Île-aux-Moines, San Francisco is a hotel with a contemporary look, nestled in a granite-framed house with colourful cladding. There are the same thick stone walls in one of the two bright dining rooms at this superlative island restaurant. In summer, the terrace, lined with palm trees, is a coveted spot with its breath-taking view of the Gulf of Morbihan.

The cooking is simple and efficient, based very much on market ingredients and firmly focused on seafood. Sole, hake, red mullet, clams, winkles, whelks, prawns, oysters, crabs, and lobsters are incomparably fresh. San Francisco's seafood platter is a recognised specialty, along with its tantalising 'Blue Lobster' menu, consisting of said lobster in Kari-Gosse (Breton spice similar to curry) served with delicious homemade French fries. At the bar, a nice selection of summery cocktails and sundaes is offered.

Hôtel Restaurant San Francisco
Le Port
15 rue Benoni-Praud
56780 Île-aux-Moines

+33 (0)2 97 26 31 52

Menu: around 38 EUR