Scandinavia and its stunning Viking scenery

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Scandinavia and its stunning Viking scenery

Scandinavia, cradle of the Viking civilisation, boasts unspoiled wild nature of incomparable beauty. Take a voyage of discovery through landscapes worthy of a Nordic saga.

Scandinavia and its stunning Viking scenery

Møns Klint – where Denmark was born

Let us start our journey south of Copenhagen, on the island of Møn. From here, guides at the GeoCenter science centre will escort you on a trip to Møns Klint, the most popular and stunning natural attraction in Denmark. These dramatic white chalk cliffs rise to a height of almost 130 metres and plunge into the depths of the Baltic Sea's turquoise waters. As you walk along the shore in search of fossils and amber, you may spot a group of Peregrine falcons in the distance; watch as these birds, trained for hunting as in the days of Erik the Red, perform their aerial ballet.

Guides will then help you discover the other riches of the local biosphere; the island is home to unique flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere else in Denmark. The limestone soil of the Klinteskoven Forest provides an abundance of stunning nature where giant trees overhang precipices, home to 18 rare species of wild orchids.

After your educational walk, head back to the GeoCenter and explore the museum's interactive exhibitions. A new voyage awaits as you travel 70 million years back in time and discover Denmark's past. It is an unforgettable experience for young and old alike.

Møns Klint

GeoCenter Møns Klint
Stengårdsvej 8, 4791
Borre, Denmark
+45 55 86 36 00


Scandinavia and its stunning Viking scenery

Meeting the giants of Nordic mythology in Norway

Our next stop is Åndalsnes in Norway, where we will discover an amazing place: Trollveggen or Troll Wall. Local folklore tells that trolls who were not back home before sunrise were turned into stone. That is why the Romsdalen valley snakes between mountains with towering walls and spectacular formations.

The awesome Troll Wall rises more than 1,100 metres above the valley floor. It is the highest vertical rock face in Europe and a popular place for parachute jumps if extreme thrill-seeking is your thing. Experienced mountaineers also love this place for its ultimate climbing challenge.

On the western and least steep side of the mountain, take one of the signposted hiking trails to reach the summit. The climb lasts about three hours, but your efforts are more than rewarded by the majestic panorama the Trollveggen delivers: the Romsdalen valley opens up over a kilometre below you, edged by colossal mountains, including the summit of Romsdalshorn which stands in front of you, rising to 1,555 metres above sea level.



Scandinavia and its stunning Viking scenery

Experiencing the heart and soul of Viking heritage in Norway

The next stop on our Scandinavian voyage and still in Norway are the Lofoten Islands. Considered by many as a corner of paradise, the archipelago has an unusually mild climate, beaches and a rugged coastline, offering a plethora of activities to recharge your batteries, such as climbing, hiking, cycling, diving, fishing and even surfing.

Throughout the glorious era of the Vikings, the Lofoten Islands were known as the birthplace of the most powerful Nordic warriors, such as Thorir the Stag. At the Lofotr Viking Museum in Bøstad, you can really get to the heart of Viking culture, discovering their rites, their food and their history. Open all year, you can even set sail on a Viking ship, find out about Viking crafts, sit down to a traditional banquet and take part in activities typical of the age, such as archery, horseshoe throwing and balancing games. It all makes for a memorable immersion in Viking culture.

Lofotr Viking Museum
Prestegårdsveien 59
8360 Bøstad
+47 76 15 40 00


Scandinavia and its stunning Viking scenery

Sweden's breathtaking Rapa River

We are now off to the Sarek National Park, to Jokkmokk, in Swedish Lapland. This is the largest national park in Sweden and it attracts scores of hikers all year long, wanting to see its stunning views for themselves. Make yourself comfortable at the Buffé Trädet, a small restaurant which is really welcoming and friendly, just like the Samis, Lapland's indigenous people, and try out the local cuisine. On the menu, you will find lappkok (a dish made from reindeer marrow and liver) and renklämma, a wrap made from cumin bread stuffed with slices of reindeer meat.

Then head up to the Rapa River, also known as the Rapaätno River. It may only be 55 kilometres long, but it runs through some incredible locations, from its source in the park's glaciers to Lake Tjaktjajaure, and especially the delta that it forms at the mouth of Lake Laitaure. This whole area is commonly known as the “Alaska of Europe” because of its pristine nature and rugged landscapes. You might even cross paths with a brown bear, considered by the Vikings as the king of animals, a Eurasian lynx or even an Arctic fox – once-in-a-lifetime encounters.

Sarek National Park
+46 971 222 50

Buffé Trädet
Västra Torggatan 12
962 31 Jokkmokk
+46 73 846 78 91