Scuba diving in Aqaba

scuba diving
Scuba diving in Aqaba

In the Red Sea port city of Aqaba, at the country's trading crossroads, is this ever more popular diving resort.

Aqaba is located in the extreme south of the country, on the shores of the Red Sea, near the border with Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. In a few decades, the small city has spawned a wide range of hotels, from the simplest to the most luxurious, and all the facilities a modern resort town is supposed to offer. But it is mainly thanks to its sea and exceptionally rich corals that Aqaba has the reputation it has today.
This resort has 30 dive sites, all varied enough to appeal to enthusiasts. Dive down to the Cedar Pride wreck, sunk in 1986 to create an artificial reef. Populated by magnificent Gorgonian branches and amazing species of scorpionfish, it is 25 metres from the ocean floor and thus easily accessible. For fans of rock walls, the Kiwine reef goes down to 30 metres and has over 120 species of marine animals and many pelagic species. If you are beginner, take a course in one of several Japanese gardens in the region. A stay in Aqaba is the perfect opportunity to schedule your first training dive.

Aqaba Tourist Information Center
Al-Hammamat Al-Tunisiyah Street
Aqaba 77110

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