Serengeti and Tsavo East, Kenya's jewels

Serengeti and Tsavo East, Kenya's jewels

Travel to the heart of wild paradises and expect spectacles from another era in East Africa's two most renowned national parks.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the Serengeti (meaning “endless plains”) National Park overlaps on Kenya and Tanzania. The Tsavo East one, created in 1948, is one of Kenya's biggest and oldest parks.
Numerous lodges have been set up as starting points for safaris, during which you'll discover legendary beasts: zebras, gnus, impalas, giraffes, elephants, lions, cheetahs, leopards, rhinos and many others…
The Serengeti plains, 250 kilometres south of Nairobi, welcome thousands of migrating animals looking for fresh pastures. And the red land of Tsavo East is just as impressive! The landscapes found in this park, 420 kilometres east of Nairobi, are full of contrasts, sprinkled with acacia trees and crossed by the Galana River. It offers one of Africa's most popular safaris. Welcome to the land of elephants and red zebras!

Tsavo East National Park

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Serengeti National Park

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