Starkbierfest: Strong Beer Fest

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Starkbierfest: Strong Beer Fest

Get out your ‘Keferloher' and taste nearly 50 strong beers at Starkbierfest.

You're a beer lover, you missed Oktoberfest and you want to discover another side of Munich's beer culture. Good news, as there is no better season to enjoy beer in Germany than at the beginning of spring. Munich loves strong beer. For nearly three weeks, brasseries and bars take part in a festival called Starkbierfest, serving malt beverages created for the occasion. Celebrator, Delicator, Maximator, Kulminator, Rariator, and even Aviator at the airport, each institution brings their speciality, making up a total of nearly 50. The nerve centre of this festive gathering is the Paulaner ‘Nockherberg' brewery where thousands of partying visitors drink down Salvator in litre-sized ceramic mugs called Keferloher. Germans also benefit from another Starkbierfest tradition: politiker derblecken, which involves mocking politicians to make passers-by laugh.

Paulaner am Nockherberg (and many other venues)
Hochstraße 77
80331 Munich

From the 23rd of February to the 13th of March 2016