Strasbourg during the Giboulees Festival

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Strasbourg during the Giboulees Festival

Every other year, a young theatre group celebrates contemporary puppetry with its ‘Les Giboulées' festival.

This International ‘Body-Object-Image' biennial offers a plunge into the vast array of practices having to do with contemporary marionettes. The forms of expression are multiple and inventive, ranging across multiple time periods from short and intimate to longer, involving materials of all kinds, always at the frontier between living beings and objects. The body is extended, an object is borrowed, and costumes complete the act. A celebration of human complexity, the ‘Les Giboulées' festival—the name refers to the downpours of springtime, when the event takes place—this year marks its 40th anniversary. Theatre Jeune Public, (the Youth Theatre), a branch of the National Alsace-Strasbourg Drama Centre, is at the origin of this event. Your visit to the region will be all the more intriguing with these impromptu spectacles available day in and day out.

TJP Grande Scène
7, rue des Balayeurs
67000 Strasbourg

TJP Petite Scène
1, rue du Pont Saint-Martin
67000 Strasbourg

From 11th to 19th of March 2016