Street artist JR at the Louvre

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Street artist JR at the Louvre

The French artist JR, who has gained an international reputation for his monumental photographic collages, exhibits his work in the auditorium of the famous Paris museum.

It was after finding an Instamatic camera in the Paris metro in the early 2000s, when he was only 17, that the idea came to JR to portray the people of his district and paste their pictures on the walls of the capital. Since then, JR has decorated the walls of dozens of cities with his gigantic portraits in black and white of unknown people, and his work has taken on an iconic status. From Liberia to Cambodia, New York, and India, his art is acclaimed around the world.

For his performance in the Louvre pyramid, JR drops his favourite theme, portraiture, and promises to instead ‘remove' the pyramid by applying the complex optical illusion principle of anamorphosis. Magic!

« JR au Louvre »
Cour Napoléon / auditorium du Louvre
Louvre Museum
75058 Paris Cedex 01

From 25 May to 28 June 2016

15 EUR (permanent collections & exhibitions)

Daily 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., except Tuesday (Wednesday & Friday until 9:45 p.m.)