Tawlet: celebrating Lebanese culture through its cooking

Tawlet: celebrating Lebanese culture through its cooking

Tawlet means ‘table'—the central focus of Kamal Mouzawak's project is to welcome people to his table with a global project combining cuisine and social business.

The project of Kamal Mouzawak began in 2004 with the opening of a farmer's market in the Souk el Tayeb to promote local farmers. In 2009, he opened this ‘table' in the heart of the souk to showcase Lebanese home cooking, because, according to Kamal, ‘food is always a story'.

Located at the end of an alley between apartment buildings with laundry drying on their balconies, each day a different cook provides a different take on Lebanese history and culture through its food.

Tawlet is a social enterprise business, as all proceeds are reinvested to support social projects with organic farmers and cooks from the region. It is a magnificent achievement.

12 rue Naher

+961 (0)1 44 81 29


Menu: around 25 USD