The 12th annual Madagascar short film festival

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The 12th annual Madagascar short film festival

Antananarivo brings together short-form practitioners of the 7th art during the ‘Rencontres du Film Court Madagascar', the island's short film festival.

Since 2006, the ‘Red Island' has showcased Malagasy films in its film festival. Each year, film celebrities, professionals and the public from all over the world flock to Antananarivo for the highly anticipated ‘Rencontres du Film Court' (Short Film Encounters) in Madagascar. The event, which is one of the largest in the Indian Ocean, organises film screenings, workshops, meetings, a creative laboratory, and, of course, a short film competition. On the programme are about 350 films, which are screened during the weeklong event. This free film festival focuses on local and emerging talent.

Rencontres du Film Court Madagascar

From 21 to 29 April 2017