The AO Show must go on

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The AO Show must go on

Since 2013, the AO Show—for Ahhh! Ohhh! Show—has been enchanting young and old by combining a bamboo circus, acrobatics, and contemporary dance.

On the stage of the Ho Chi Minh City Opera, still referred to as the ‘Saigon Opera' because it represents a perfect example of French colonial style circa 1900, the AO Show has held top billing for three years, with distinguished success. The director is Tuan Le (formerly of the Cirque du Soleil), and he tells the story of the adaptation of rural Vietnamese communities to urbanization in music, with a series of fast-paced sketches.

This show gives pride of place to metamorphoses and accessories with giant baskets that transform, at leisure, into crabs or flamingos. Stunning visual effects showcase scenes from daily life by combining contemporary dance and gymnastics. Exuberant and acrobatic, the choreography unfolds at 200 kilometres per hour, so the 60 minutes of the performance pass before you know it.

AO Show
Ho Chi Minh City Opera
7 Lam Son Square
Ben Nghe Ward
District 1
70000 Ho Chi Minh City

Until 31 December 2016

From 531,075 VND

6:00 p.m. during the week
8:00 p.m. weekends