The Catenacciu in Sartene

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The Catenacciu in Sartene

The ‘Catenacciu' is a remarkable and fascinating procession during the night that upholds Corsican religious tradition in Sartene every Good Friday.

Secret and mysterious Corsica, this beautiful island steeped in ancestral Catholicism, has managed to preserve its traditions. Attending the Catenacciu procession on the evening of Good Friday is a unique experience that allows you to see how vibrant these traditions are. This oldest of Corsican religious events reproduces a Passion of Christ that is highly colourful. At 9:00 p.m., the people of Sartene all converge barefoot at Sainte Marie Church to accompany the red penitent who is chained bearing a heavy cross along a 1.8 km road re-enacting Christ's climb to Golgotha. Following him there is a Christ lying on a white shroud… Lit by flickering candles along the edges of the windows of the Old City, punctuated by religious chants sung by the crowd, the ceremony takes place over two to three hours in a magic atmosphere outside of time. Even if you are not a practicing Catholic, the Catenacciu can be experienced for its folklore and the spirituality of the event.

Église Sainte-Marie
Place Porta
20100 Sartène

25 March 2016