The Eighth Annual Chateaux Trail in Guadeloupe

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The Eighth Annual Chateaux Trail in Guadeloupe

On the south coast, the Chateaux Trail is a nice sporting challenge for lovers of Guadeloupean landscapes.

With its white sand beaches lined with coconut trees, verdant and mountainous volcanic relief, tropical vegetation, and dark rocks, Guadeloupe invites idleness as well as beautiful sports escapades. Race competitors get a chance to survey the island and do it while facing a challenge. The Chateaux Trail starts at the pretty fishing village of Saint-François in Grande-Terre, on the south coast, which has now become a tourist hot spot. Choose your route! The 11k ‘short route' between Anse Tarare and Salines goes past the cliffs of the Chateaux point. As for the ‘long route', which takes until nightfall to complete, the 27-kilometre course features numerous sporting challenges and breathtaking views. This popular Anse de la Gourde loop attracts the most experienced runners.

8e Trаіl dеs Сhâtеаux
97118 Saint-François

27 February 2017

Race registration: 15 EUR

4:00 p.m.