The Elan Hotel: deliciously nostalgic

The Elan Hotel: deliciously nostalgic

With its vintage motel look suggestive of the last survivor of the 1970s, the Elan would fit right in on an Eagles' album cover.

Tourists never fail to gaze in wonder at this modest, seemingly obsolete building, which goes totally against the grain of its luxurious neighbours. A kilometre and a half from the famous Beverly Center and Farmers Market, the Elan is in a trendy stronghold.

Its very sharp contemporary design combines with an eco-friendly policy highly prized by the bourgeois-bohemian circuit. The Elan Hotel is also the headquarters of an enlightened generation of architects, artists, and aesthetes of all nationalities who appreciate features like bamboo flooring and organic food.

The 49 tastefully furnished rooms and suites provide an uncluttered Zen atmosphere of comfort and ecologically sound natural-fibre bedding. Special wine-tastings are organised several times a week at which an oenologist will introduce you to regional vineyards and their best wines!

The Elan Hotel
8435 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048

+1 323 658 6663

Rooms: from 206 USD