The Festa del Grillo on Ascension Day

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The Festa del Grillo on Ascension Day

The Festa del Grillo—the Cricket Festival—is a folkloric celebration marking the arrival of spring.

On the first Sunday after Ascension Day, people have long congregated in the Parco delle Cascine to release crickets purchased the day before. The insects are thought to bring good luck, but the event also provides Florentines with a way to demonstrate their commitment to nature.

The city banned the sale of crickets in 1999, so the insects have been replaced by figurines. During the festive ‘release'—now entirely symbolic—the city streets are filled with authentic stalls and entertainment, providing an opportunity for travellers to discover the still-living traditions of Florence.

Festa del Grillo
Parco delle Cascine
50144 Florence

8 May 2016