The last race before the Olympics

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The last race before the Olympics

All eyes will be on the next international athletics meeting in Rabat, which will showcase major international champions just three months before the Olympic Games begin in Rio.

Three records broken, including a world record, and 36,000 spectators were among the notable features of the previous edition of the international athletics meeting in Rabat. It took place on the eve of the Beijing World Athletics Championships, which endorsed the performance of Rabat's champions. This year, this event takes on an equally special character as it precedes the upcoming Olympic Games. Already one of the events of consequence around the world, it will be very much on the radar of experts and Olympics prognosticators, who will see it as a chance to assess the level of preparation and physical condition of the athletes involved. All athletic events are represented. Stay tuned because the big names are competing for tomorrow's hopes in both female and male categories.

International Athletics Meeting
Moulay Abdellah Sports Complex

22 May 2016

From 20 to 100 DAM