The local folklore of ‘I Love My Ram'

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The local folklore of ‘I Love My Ram'

Every year on the first Sunday in July in the charming village of Colombier, Saint Martin, goes goat crazy and votes for the most beautiful goat.

Near the peak of Paradise, which rises 424 metres above sea level, is the charming village of Colombier, nestled deep in the valley of Marigot. Every first Sunday of July, it hosts a goat competition whereby the most beautiful goat on the island gets elected. Saint Martin's topography makes it perfectly suited for sheep and goat farming. Here, where livestock is scattered over indiscriminate grazing areas, there is a herd of 2,000 goats when 14,400 are required each year to meet the consumption needs of 35,000 island inhabitants. But, no need to dwell on figures. This is an opportunity to celebrate goats by judging their manes, coats, and horns. There is even a prize for the friendliest goat, a quality not normally associated with an animal that has been much maligned since the days of Ancient Greece.

I Love My Ram
97150 Saint-Martin

3 July 2016