The Mediterranean Centre of Photography at Bastia Museum

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The Mediterranean Centre of Photography at Bastia Museum

A photo exhibition on the Island of Beauty features the works of Valérie Belin, Georges Rousse, and Stéphane Couturier.

For 25 years, the Mediterranean Centre has held a collection of commissioned photographic works on Corsica. Through this fund, which feeds both photojournalism and art photography, a portrait of a multifaceted and fascinating Corsica emerges. To celebrate this anniversary, the ‘Panorama of the 25 years of the Mediterranean Centre collection' marked the year 2015.
The ‘Architectural Heritage, Season 2' exhibition returns again in 2016 at the Museum of Bastia. Here you will discover the series ‘The Baroque in Corsica' by Valérie Belin, ‘Urban Sedimentation' by Stéphane Couturier, the result of work on Ajaccio and Bastia, and an ‘Architectural Palimpsest' by Georges Rousse, who has set his eyes on the St. Francis convent in Bastia. Alongside these great names in contemporary photography, you will also enjoy the works of André Merian and Massimo Vitali.

Musée de Bastia
Palais des Gouverneurs
Place du Donjon, La Citadelle
20200 Bastia

From 27 January to 10 March, 2016

Free in low season (from early October to late April)