The most beautiful landscapes in the world for kayaking

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The most beautiful landscapes in the world for kayaking

Do you prefer the tropics or the fjords? The sea or the river? Whatever your preferences, there is a kayaking hotspot for you somewhere in the world. Ready for an adventure?

Kick off in Vancouver. From the Canadian city, travel to the small fishing village of Telegraph Cove, a few hours away by car. Your craft is quietly moored in the harbour, lulled by the calm waters of this little corner of Canada, still enveloped in the morning mist. Slip on a lifejacket and climb aboard your kayak. A half-day trail, suitable for all levels, begins. Hills bristling with conifers are all around you as you glide over the surface of the ocean. Between March and October, you may even be lucky enough to see some whales in the distance. A special moment.

Another type of ambience awaits you in Malé in the Maldives. There is nothing here but turquoise seas, palm trees and white sandy beaches. From your hotel COMO Cocoa Island, climb into a kayak – solo or tandem – for a tour around the idyllic island. An easy route which will leave you open-mouthed at the beauty of this isolated atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Farther away, Patagonia attracts serious kayakers lovers of open spaces. From Santiago, head for the banks of the River Maipo, a few kilometres away from the Chilean capital. The exceptional landscapes of Patagonia pass before your eyes: ochre cliffs, lush canyons, and windswept steppes. Nature pure and simple on a grand scale.

Heading from one pole to the other, here you are in Norway, a few hours away from Oslo. A new adventure begins at the marvellous Geiranger fjord, classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. You will feel very tiny aboard your kayak as immense waterfalls cascade into the waters of the Nordic narrows. Trees cling to the high natural walls, defying gravity. A real getaway-from-it-all experience.