The most famous carnival in the Caribbean

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The most famous carnival in the Caribbean

Santiago de Cuba throws the best Cuban celebration. For two days, the town vibrates with the rhythm of congas, and hips move to the beat while costumes shimmer.

This carnival, born in the 17th century, is the most well known in the Caribbean. At that time, parades took place to celebrate the patron saint of the city, Santiago Apóstol. Slaves, who had the right to go out in the streets, sang to the beat of drums and rattles, and preceded groups dancing to the rhythm of conga. Today, it is the samba that keeps the whole city cheering. Each neighbourhood participates in parades with its comparsa (musical procession), accompanied by the sounds of trumpets, drums, and maracas. The oldest and most beautiful of these is the comparsa of the Los Hoyos district. The groups converge on the historical centre and meet on the National Square, singing and dancing… It is impossible to remain a spectator on the side-lines; you will be moved especially by the atmosphere, as Santiago is the city of Cuban music. You will not escape the rumba and the Cuban son, nor evade the bolero and salsa…

Carnaval de Santiago

Throughout Santiago de Cuba
From 25 to 31 July 2016