The Most Incredible Thing by NYCB

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The Most Incredible Thing by NYCB

With this adapted libretto by Bryce Dessner, the tale of Hans Christian Andersen is given new youth by inventive director Justin Peck.

Appointed resident choreographer of the New York City Ballet in July 2014 when he was still a soloist dancer, Justin Peck presented his tenth creation for the company this year: The Most Incredible Thing. His first narrative ballet is performed by 56 dancers (including 11 children from American Ballet, the NYCB dance school). Justin Peck commissioned a libretto from American composer Bryce Dessner of The National Group. Sets are by Canadian artist Marcel Dzama. No fewer than 10 lead dancers from the New York City Ballet, including Tiler Peck and Andrew Veyette, are on stage for this creation. More than just a ballet, The Most Incredible Thing is an impressive multimedia show, visually, musically and choreographically.

The Most Incredible Thing by the New York City Ballet
David H. Koch Theater
20 Lincoln Center
New York, NY 10023

21 & 30 April, 7 May 2016

30 – 135 USD