The quest for Quest

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The quest for Quest

If you like music and nature, this festival—in a beautiful mountain setting in northern Vietnam—is for you.

Thirty minutes from downtown Hanoi, Don Mo is a beautiful valley known for its international golf courses, hardwood forests, and a fresh-water lake (1,500 hectares) dotted with 20 islands, perfect for picnicking and camping. One of them, 40 hectares in size, hosts the annual Quest event, a surprising Asian music festival, which hosts 150 local and international artists.

Against a backdrop of beautiful mountains, immerse yourself in another world that celebrates music, art, and connection with nature. The programming includes raves, funk, and groove, as well as meditations, yoga, and crafts workshops. The culinary arts are also included, with the expected participation of Hanoi restaurateurs in the event. For the first time, the festival will also include cinema, with an immersive space dedicated to images and artists' videos.

Quest Festival
Son Tinh Camp
Dong Mo

4 to 6 November 2016

900,000 VDN for 3 days