The Réunion Aquarium, a showcase of the Réunion marine environment

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The Réunion Aquarium, a showcase of the Réunion marine environment

A rewarding and surprising discovery of the sumptuous seabed of the Indian Ocean, with educational spaces specifically dedicated to its youngest visitors.

Perfect for a family outing, the great aquarium of Réunion is located on an artificial island in the heart of the marina in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, a seaside resort on the west coast of the island.

Created a few years ago, the aquarium aims to be an information and awareness showcase dedicated to the rich and diverse Réunion marine environment. The Réunion Aquarium also strives to actively contribute to the enhancement of the entire Réunion marine heritage while promoting awareness of reef ecosystems. In a first tank, it offers a fun visit of the fauna of the lagoon, with educational spaces devoted to the biodiversity of the open sea. There is also a second tank, dedicated to drop-offs, where you can discover their marine diversity, between volcanic cliffs and other reef faults. A total of 600,000 litres of seawater is required to fill this giant tank, where you will find nearly 500 species of fish in myriad colours and everything from giant kingfish, sharks, seahorses and lobsters to coral and about 200 species of Réunion reef life.

Allow about one hour for the visit.

L'Aquarium de La Réunion
Port de plaisance
97434 Saint-Gilles-les-Bains

+262 (0)2 62 33 44 00