The Shed, a treehouse perched atop the Grands Boulevards

rooftop – cocktail bar
The Shed, a treehouse perched atop the Grands Boulevards

Among Parisian rooftops, this newcomer from the Hotel des Grands Boulevards is all set up to become an unmissable spot for gazing out at the Parisian skyline, cocktail in hand.

The Hotel des Grands Boulevards was already home to The Shell, a hot-spot cocktail bar with an outstanding attached patio. Now, the Hotel welcomes The Shed, its more understated iteration, tucked away on the rooftop. You will soar to the top in the elevator to discover a cottage-shaped bar and leafy terrace: the greenhouse and interior courtyard are lush with fragrant plants, small flowers, strawberry bushes and lemon trees.


Up on top, life is simple, with relaxed seating and a simple menu of a dozen cocktails. Choose between the One Shed, a low-alcohol cocktail, the East India (Masala Chai, lemon juice, maple syrup, and ginger beer), and Two Shed - a more traditionally dosed cocktail - or perhaps a cocktail “from our garden,” a local creation made from ingredients grown right on the rooftop. To be shared in moderation, while enjoying the sunset over the Parisian rooftops. Come early, because open spots are hard to find after 7 p.m.…

The Shed
Hôtel des Grands Boulevards
17 boulevard Poissonnière
75002 Paris

+33 (0)1 85 73 33 33

Menu: Cocktails from 10 EUR